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If you thought Last Week Was Stupid...Hang On!


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It's been almost 10 years since posting here. The long war was a frequent topic here, as well as on Free Republic from which TRR was partially spawned. 

Watching our complete defeat in our longest war is disturbing. Opinions regarding the causes of it vary, but I think there's enough blame to go around to support most of them. So with respect to TRR and FR community that largely molded my own, I'd like to share my thoughts here: 

Afghanistan’s chance at freedom didn’t have to end like this, but for at least the last 10 years, it has looked like it would fail one way or another.
After Afghanistan’s initial liberation from Taliban rule in 2003, the Bush Administration relinquished governing authority to the UN despite the UN’s near perfect record of failed peace-keeping and disastrous nation-building missions. The next year after a large explosion in Kabul, UN administrators telegraphed the West’s commitment to Afghanistan’s freedom by relocating to Europe.
Afghanistan’s next blow to came 5 years later when the Bush Administration disbanded the newly created US Marine Special Operations Command due to their bloody response during an urban ambush. It coincided with imposing crippling rules of engagement restrictions on US forces in favor of “winning the hearts and minds” of Afghans. But all it did was reduce operational effectiveness and increase US casualties.
The next blow was when President Bush was persuaded to let the incoming Obama Administration select from General Petraeus’s strategies based on three options for troop levels. Obama then delayed the decision a year, selected the smallest military presence of the three options, further restricted US rules of engagement, and replacing sufficient ground forces with increased drone strikes. To be fair, maintaining enough ground forces to defeat the Taliban would have required unmolested overland logistics routes through Pakistan, which by then was a undependable powder keg  protected by China. By 2010, Afghanistan’s chance at freedom was guaranteed to fail, but the Obama Administration was content to kick any withdraw plan down the road, avoiding the appearance of responsibility.
Recognizing that Afghanistan was now Destined to fail, the impeachment distracted Trump administration finalized a conditional withdraw deal for May 1st 2021. The incoming Biden administration chose to change the deal for a ceremonial 9/11 withdraw date. The Taliban then took advantage of the change to proclaim that America broke the deal, and they initiated operations to take back Afghanistan. Biden’s administration later reversed that decision, but the Taliban continued to roll though Afghanistan’s provinces with minimal resistance, capturing US helicopters, vehicles, and weapons of all kinds.
Now, 3000 additional US forces have just been flown in to assist with the panicked rescue of US and other allies in Kabul, but this is very late. Perhaps more are coming, but the 6000 total US forces there are too few to save the thousands of Afghans facing execution for cooperating with the US. Being that Taliban are already in control of most of Kabul, US troops are challenged just to keep them out of mortar range of the Airport. The past two day looks like the humanitarian tragedies of our airlifts from Saigon and Phnom Penh 50 years ago. So far, this is almost as bad as failure gets.
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Plenty of Guilt to go around to tar Everyone. BTW around 10 minutes After Mike Pompeo signed the surrender document in Doha, the Taliban started preparing For This.

Thing is We think 20 years is a Long Time, They Don't.

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Seeking World Recognition, Taliban Vows to Help Fight Terror and Climate Change


And while the Taliban have been accused of involvement in climate-harming activities such as illicit logging and mining, the group has for years presented itself as a supporter of green initiatives such as tree-planting and environment protection


And though the Taliban have expressed their concern for the environment and its future, the group's takeover place it effectively in control of what's estimated by the U.S. Geological Survey to be up to $1 trillion in mineral resources. The reserves include lithium, an increasingly sought-after rare mineral, which may attract further investment from regional countries such as China, which already dominates the rare-earth market critical for producing modern technology.


Paging Greta Thunberg

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Lib Activist Group Warns Protesters: Men Can Have Abortions Too, Comparing GOP to Taliban is ‘Islamophobic’

Andrew Stiles

September 8, 2021

A radical left-wing activist group organizing a pro-abortion protest outside the home of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh had some interesting advice for prospective attendees. An addendum to the notice announcing the protest urged activists "to be as inclusive as possible in your language" while making a ruckus outside Kavanaugh's home in Washington, D.C.

"Women and girls are not the only people who can get pregnant and need abortions," the organizers from ShutDownDC wrote. That's going to be rather inconvenient for anyone who was planning to reuse old signage about stopping the "war on women," but at least they've been given a few days to prepare. Alas, "Stop the war on people who can get pregnant" has far too many syllables to incorporate into a catchy chant.

Additionally, the protest organizers cautioned attendees to "please avoid comparing U.S. abortion-restricting politicians to the Taliban" because it would be unfair to the Taliban. (No, seriously.) "The former are a distinctly homegrown phenomenon and ignoring that in favor of such comparisons is Islamophobic," they explained.





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The Moron Chip Theory:

Deep within the brain of most humans, resides the Moron chip. This chip, when working properly, is constantly observing the person's behavior. In the event of dangerous or stupid behavior, it will go into alarm mode. Historically, this chip may be what helped the smarter cavemen to not become "food" or "stuff on a rock".

What we have here is a moron chip failure

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Art Institute of Chicago “Fires” All 100 Volunteer Museum Guides For Being Mostly White Women

“The fired docents were offered a two-year free pass to the museum as gratitude for their previous service.”

Fuzzy Slippers

Sunday, October 17, 2021


The apparent problem was that the Art Institute docents were mostly older white women of above-average financial means and with plenty of time on their hands. The institute needs to go to a more professional model, Ms. Stein explained, “in a way that allows community members of all income levels to participate, responds to issues of class and income equity, and does not require financial flexibility.”





This is what stupidity looks like.

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Queer astronomer quits NASA over James Webb Telescope name

Jazz Shaw

Oct 19, 2021

Right off the bat, I wanted to make one thing perfectly clear about the title of this article. I’m not calling the scientist we’ll be discussing here a “queer astronomer.” That’s how she chose to describe herself. I’m old enough to remember when using the Q word about anyone was considered to be very insulting and in bad form. But that’s apparently changed in the modern era and they even worked the word into the widely touted LGBQ acronym.

With that out of the way, I will remind you of when we first looked at this story a couple of weeks ago. NASA is preparing to launch the revolutionary James Webb Telescope in December and if the launch is successful it’s expected to completely revolutionize our hunt for exoplanets in our galaxy. But not everyone is happy with this development. A group of activists, including a few astronomers at NASA, launched a petition calling on the agency to rename the spacecraft. They claim that Webb’s tenure as both the Director of NASA and as Undersecretary of State under Harry Truman was marred by government policies of the period that resulted in federal employees who were “suspected of being gay” being fired or otherwise discriminated against.

The current NASA director launched an investigation but could find no evidence suggesting that Webb was actually directly involved in any of those actions. As such, he declined to rename the project. Now, as a result of that decision, astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz, who “identifies as nonbinary,” has resigned from her position as an adviser for the NASA Astrophysics Advisory Committee, or APAC. (The Hill)



I think it gets even worse! NASA starts with the letter N. What other offensive racist word starts with N? Anther example of Systemic Racism!

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