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If you thought Last Week Was Stupid...Hang On!

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The Other America

From The Comments (This is gonna make your head hurt BAD)


The people who are opposed to the 1619 Project should be expected to state explicitly and point by point why they are opposed to it, how it differs from actual history and why the current curriculum should remain in place and not stand alongside this.

I’m of the firm belief most of the people opposed haven’t read it, either in full or even partially and have no fact-based argument why they’re against it.


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The New Yorker

The Republican Party, Racial Hypocrisy, and the 1619 Project

Jelani Cobb

May 29, 2021

Late last month, when Senator Tim Scott, of South Carolina, delivered the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s first major address to a joint session of Congress, the subtext could scarcely have been closer to the surface: the sole Black Republican in the Senate was speaking on behalf of a Party that, under the increasing influence of the far right, has embraced a brand of belligerent and overt racism that was naïvely thought to have been banished from American politics. In the midst of a fairly straightforward conservative critique of Biden’s policies and priorities, the senator detoured into a complaint about liberals whom he said had called him racial epithets—he graciously declined to call them “the real racists”—and claimed that progressives are intent on teaching people that, “if they look a certain way, they’re an oppressor.” He defended the G.O.P. voter-suppression bills that have swept the nation in the wake of Donald Trump’s defeat, and stated his case plainly. “America,” he said, “is not a racist country.”



It gets worse!

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PETA suggests more ‘pig-positive’ name for Ham Lake, Minnesota[/b]


The Answer

Justice & Drew #TCNT @jdtcntb                                                                                                                  
Ham Lake Mayor Mike Van Kirk announced on #tcnt this morning they will not be changing the name of the city despite PETA’s requests, but they WILL be hosting a Freedom Festival & Pig Roast on July 3rd
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