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  2. Kenosha was the closest county in the state in 2016. Today, residents brace for another tight race. Four years ago, Donald Trump eked out a win in Kenosha County by 238 votes over then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. It was the closest county in a state with a razor-thin margin. With Trump seeking reelection against Democratic candidate Joe Biden and tens of thousands of ballots already cast in the county, Kenosha could be close again. In what has already been an unusual election cycle, the city of Kenosha had to replace its retiring city clerk with more than 30
  3. Milwaukee a showcase for Trump efforts to get minorities behind him Conservative activists in Milwaukee's black and Hispanic communities say outreach by President Trump and his reelection campaign is forcing Democratic nominee Joe Biden to "actually compete" for minority voters in the traditionally liberal stronghold. "Trump understands that the first rule of outreach is showing up," said Christopher Lawrence, a black Republican Party official in Waukesha County. Lawrence said that while Trump made some effort in 2016 to court black voters, "now, he's setting up an infrastructur
  4. Washington Examiner Attorney General William Barr reportedly told friends recently that he hopes President Trump will keep him on as the country's top law enforcement official should he win reelection. “Barr told me recently he supports the president and would be inclined to stay if the president wanted him to,” Richard Cullen, a friend of Barr's and a lawyer who represented Vice President Mike Pence, told the Washington Post. Barr's relationship with the president has, at times, seemed shaky, and his comments to friends came to light just days after reports that said Trum
  5. National Review Liberals are expanding the definition of racism to silence their political opponents and justify their expansive claims on power. Despite America’s penchant for comeback stories and apology tours for celebrities and politicians — especially those involving sexual and financial scandals — racism remains one of the few political mortal sins. Mainstream politicians recoil at the charge and defend themselves vigorously, anticipating the accompanying widespread condemnation. Liberals have thus found a powerful weapon in critical race theory, whereby they view socie
  6. Washington Examiner Michigan and Minnesota's importance to Tuesday's election between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has overshadowed their role in deciding Senate control. Biden, the two-term vice president and 36-year Delaware senator, planned several stops in Michigan and Minnesota during his final weekend on the campaign trail to boost his support in the Upper Midwest. His visits also benefit down-ballot Democrats who could help him push a liberal agenda through Congress should he be elevated to the White House after Tuesday's election. Democrat
  7. Yikes! Can You Translate Biden's Latest Gibberish? It’s happened again. While campaigning in Pennsylvania on Friday, Joe Biden seemed to start mumbling gibberish in the middle of a talking point. “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,” he said. Covfefe? Seriously, what exactly was he trying to say, and why did it come out like a bunch of garbled nonsense.
  8. Behind the scenes of James Bond star Sean Connery’s 50-year career Sean Connery’s life was as fascinating — and inspiring — as any of his big screen roles. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Aug. 25, 1930, Thomas Sean Connery was the son of a cleaning woman and a factory worker. Before he took his star turn, he worked as a milkman, and later enlisted in the Royal Navy. He’d later receive a medical discharge because of a duodenal ulcer. Athletic in his youth, Connery started bodybuilding when he was 18 and even competed in the 1953 Mr. Universe competition. But money was t
  9. NY Post Oscar-winning actor Sean Connery has died, the BBC reported. The Scottish actor, best known for his portrayal of James Bond, was 90. His acting career spanned decades and his many awards included an Oscar, two Bafta awards and three Golden Globes.
  10. National Review Understand what’s going on here: The media-Democrat complex is warning you, on the basis of no evidence, that if you don’t close your eyes to the explosive revelations from Hunter Biden’s computers, you will be abetting a Russian intelligence operation; yet it has become increasingly obvious that this is because, if you open your eyes, you may find out that the Bidens were selling themselves to an actual Chinese intelligence operation. Among the more amazing revelations in the Biden corruption scandal that the media-Democrat complex is blocking voters from seein
  11. Just the News Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office gathered evidence suggesting that Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee launched a political "smear job" in spring 2016 tying Donald Trump to Russia collusion through the lobbying work of his campaign chairman Paul Manafort in Ukraine, according to memos that were excluded from the prosecutor's final report. The evidence, reviewed by Just the News, includes information obtained by State Department officials from a trusted Ukrainian source, a private investigator's report, and an email exchange suggesting
  12. @Geee I am forced to ask, What Is This Normalcy John Daniel Davidson talks about?
  13. Free Beacon Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly made an odd request years after his 2004 divorce: The famed astronaut petitioned a Texas court in 2010 to sentence his ex-wife to 6 months in jail and 10 years of supervised release after she moved to a new town a few miles outside of their children’s school district. The court records from Galveston County, Texas—which include recriminations from both sides and detail a lengthy custody dispute—show that Kelly claimed his ex-wife Amy’s move was a violation of their custody agreement. The documents, which include a tempora
  14. This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 17 6. Emory Student Government Agrees to Purchase 400 Copies of Anti-Racism Books | The College Fix Emory University's student government approved a measure to purchase 400 copies of the anti-racism book Are Prisons Obsolete?—a book that can be read in full for free online. 5. Brown University Students Create ‘Burn Brown Book,' Outlining Racism and Activism on Campus | CBS News Activists at Brown University released the "Burn Brown Book," a 175-page guide outlining the history of on-campus racism, capitalism, and activism with the g
  15. Biden Flubs His Way Through Election’s Final Week Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden labored through the final full week of his campaign, failing to recall the sex of Kamala Harris's spouse, the name of the current president, and how to spell "respect."
  16. Biden rips 'ugly' Trump supporters honking horns at Minnesota rally
  17. Geee

    Voter Fraud

    Fraudster attempts to register dead Americans as Dem voters in Florida
  18. The Federalist One of the animating ideas behind former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is that a Biden presidency will be a “return to normalcy.” It is a pitch that relies not only on the assumption that the Trump era is not normal, but that President Trump has weakened our institutions and undermined norms, and that the cure for what ails America is a return to the halcyon days of Obama and Biden. Most of that is pure fantasy, but the Biden campaign at least has this right: the Trump era is not normal. But the Trump era’s abnormality is not a passing thing, a clock that can be w
  19. American Thinker In 2014 and 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Guatemala three times to pressure the government to maintain a United Nations body known as the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). CICIG was established in Guatemala in 2006 under the pretext of prosecuting "crimes committed by members of illegal security forces and clandestine security structures," during Guatemala's long civil war. Instead, CICIG -- an international body unaccountable to Guatemalan law, worked with Guatemala's Justice Ministry to arrest and jail the left's opponents.
  20. Twitter Relents, Unlocks New York Post’s Account after Blocking Hunter Biden Reports
  21. National Review Not only were the Bidens’ Chinese business contacts known to have ties to the regime; they also may have been clandestine agents. Andrew C. McCarthy October 31, 2020 Understand what’s going on here: The media-Democrat complex is warning you, on the basis of no evidence, that if you don’t close your eyes to the explosive revelations from Hunter Biden’s computers, you will be abetting a Russian intelligence operation; yet it has become increasingly obvious that this is because, if you open your eyes, you may find out that the Bidens were selling themselves to a
  22. Trump greets throngs of fans outside Minnesota rally after state allows just 250 seats Steven Nelson October 30, 2020 President Trump speaks with the press ahead of a campaign rally at Rochester International Airport in Rochester, Minnesota. AFP via Getty Images President Trump greeted hundreds of supporters gathered outside a Minnesota rally venue Friday night after Democratic state officials limited attendance to just 250 socially distanced seats. A crowd many times larger than the number of people allowed a seat near Trump gathered outside the gates in Rochest
  23. The Federalist Tristan Justice October 30, 2020 A forensic analysis of an email showing former Vice President Joe Biden intimately involved in his son’s overseas business ventures has confirmed its authenticity, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation. (Snip) Upon receiving the contents of the laptop evidently belonging to Hunter Biden, the Caller provided cybersecurity expert and founder of Errata Security Robert Graham with the email and its metadata to order a forensic analysis. Graham, the Caller reported, found the message “absolutely verified beyond a shadow
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