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Governor Walker ‏@GovWalker

Thanks for the broad bipartisan support for our $100 million property tax cut legislation! It passed the Senate 28-5.



That's my guv.smile.png



You deserve to proudly smile, @mozartlover. WI has an amazing governor.



Matt Smith ‏@matt_smithWBAY 51m

@SenRonJohnson in statement: "...I voted no on this fiscally irresponsible legislation."


That's my Senator.smile.png

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The White House would not reveal Wednesday how many consumers have actually enrolled in new plans at HealthCare.gov, though Press Secretary Jay Carney did highlight several success stories.


"In Delaware, a small business owner found a plan that cost her $150 less than the cost of her previous plan," Carney said Wednesday.


That particular example is notable because officials in Delaware told Fox News on Wednesday that they only know of one person who has actually enrolled at HealthCare.gov.

Her name is Janice Baker, 59, from Selbyville, Del.


Officials in Delaware are now checking with insurance companies to determine if anyone else has had success with the site.




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Gohmert Responds to McCain's Dimwit Dig

Ben Jacobs

Oct 17, 2013




"Obviously, Senator McCain would be better off with no intelligence since he does not know the Syrian opposition he met with is infested with al Qaeda and terrorist kidnappers. His intelligence even caused him to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that burned churches and killed Christians, as the senator stood against the will of the massive majority of Egyptians including moderate Muslims, Christians, and secularists who demanded the Muslim Brotherhood extremist persecutions must end."

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I'm so fruatrated with the GOP right now I could scream. I did not support Cruz's tactics because

To me, outcome matters.


But the willingness of establishment GOPers

To brand him as some kind of crazy far

Right nut, when in reality his positions that I've found so far pretty much run right down the middle of rank and file GOPers is profoundly disturbing.


What a mess. Our party is a bunch of idiots right now.

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Obama now on the tube, saying NO ONE is more frustrated than he is about health care website






The ego maniacal leader prattles


he sounds like one of a PBS host pleading at their Begathons




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"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency...Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."




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Hey.... can we get one of these for a Potomac float?





Czech floating finger sends president message

As parliamentary polls get under way in the Czech Republic this week, artist David Cerny has floated a huge purple statue of an extended middle finger down the River Vltava in Prague.

The outsized purple hand has been mounted on a barge floating on the river.

It is pointed at Prague Castle, the seat of President Milos Zeman.





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