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Barbarians in the Gates


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Barbarians in the Gates

By Brion McClanahanDecember 31, 2021Blog

The barbarians have broken through the gates and are now running rampant through the streets.

The opening of the Lee Monument “time capsule”–with one preservationist admitting it wasn’t really a time capsule because it was never intended to be opened–and the decision to hand over every Richmond Confederate Monument to groups determined to destroy them are just examples of the depravity of the woke mob.

History only matters if they agree with the historical actors.

The media will classify these actions as evidence of “racial justice,” but this misses the point. America does not have a race problem. It has a Yankee problem.

The Yankee is a curious specimen, a peculiar creation of secular Puritanism and American geography. He is a self-righteous cancer determined to remake American society to fit his Utopian vision for a “just” world. He is the ideologue, the revolutionary, the reformer.

He can be found anywhere in the United States. He is Ralph Northam and Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, George W. Bush and Allen Guelzo, David Blight and Victor Davis Hanson. Not all Northerners are Yankees nor are all Southerners, “Southern.”

The Southern tradition offers the only real counterweight to this disease.

It has always been the flywheel in American society. America would not exist without the South.

This is why the Abbeville Institute is essential for our future. We are the only organization dedicated to exploring what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition, a tradition that could keep America from committing suicide.

You can help us continue our website, videos, conferences, and other educational programs by making a donation online or by sending payment to PO Box 1870, Auburn, AL 36831-1870.

Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and today is the last day of the 2021 tax year.  

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