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The Lee Monument Time Capsule


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The Lee Monument Time Capsule

By Cliff Page December 28, 2021

Governor Northam’s henchmen have finally located the time capsule buried in the Memorial erected to Confederate Gen. Robert Edward Lee in Richmond, Virginia.  How shameful and hypocritical that today the Virginia Department of Historic Resources shows so much interest in opening and disgorging the contents of the time capsule in light of their insipid defense of this monument and others throughout the Commonwealth over the last six years.  Governor Northam no doubt is salivating at the thought of this final desecration, disgrace, and slander of General Lee and the Confederacy.

 In the state-sponsored and promoted removal of Gen. Lee’s Memorial, Virginians have not seen such vile hedonism and disrespect since the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamyan, or ISIS tore down the statuary of Ashurbanipal and ravaged the artistry of Palmyra!  Americans, only a few years ago, saw and reviled these actions as barbarity and criminality of the worst order and criticized them universally as the destruction of world-historical patrimony and cultural evolution. Virginian’s government and its agencies are now showing the civilized world that Americans and Virginians at the highest levels are just as capable of barbarism and mindless hedonism as the most depraved order of our species.  :snip: https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/the-lee-monument-time-capsule/

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