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Why more young black Americans are calling themselves ‘conservative’


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NY Post

For the past two years, the mainstream media has given tons of coverage to the Black Lives Matter movement — and rightly so. More than 80 percent of black Americans, including me, support the movement, especially in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody. But the media is missing many nuances among African-Americans. For one, we don’t all vote alike.

Yes, almost 90 percent of black voters went to bat for the Biden-Harris administration last year. But that leaves 10 percent of black voters who didn’t. Meanwhile, 25 percent of black Democrats actually consider themselves “conservative” and 43 percent say they are “moderate.” White Democrats with a college or postgraduate degree are most likely to call themselves “liberal.”

Some issues that matter to the black community just aren’t getting noticed. Two in three black Americans said they don’t feel represented in media, according to a 2020 study.:snip:

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There would be more minorities who call themselves Republican/Conservative, if the National/State GOP would do just one thing. Make a Serious effort (spend time & money) listening to minorities and Asking For Their Votes. Here is the problem, They Don't. *Oh sure they will run candidates in minority areas (by that I mean a candidate can put an R after their name) That's about it. This would be bad/stupid enough, but the problems plaguing the inner city, don't stay there. The Blue stain keeps spreading outward.

* These minority Republican/Conservative candidates will get on local Talk Radio shows (shortly Before an election) Care to guess how many minorities listen to local talk radio shows? the answer is somewhere between Slim and None, and a lot closer to None than Slim.

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