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Atlantic writer highlights 'alarming future of the American right,' suggests it includes the right using state power to push its values


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The Post Millennial

"The question conservatives at the conference were asking was how to move beyond owning the libs to effecting actual change," wrote Brooks.

Hannah Nightingale

November 18, 2021

In an article for The Atlantic, writer David Brooks highlighted his experience at the National Conservatism Conference earlier this month, and what the "alarming future of the American right" looks like.

The article in part talks about how the national conservative movement plans to move forward in the future, beyond just the culture wars currently playing out in the news and social media.

Brooks took aim at Christopher Rufo, a journalist who spoke at the conference, and is known for breaking news about critical race theory teachings and social justice in schools and businesses.

"This is national conservatism pursued to its logical conclusion: using state power to break up and humble the big corporations and to push back against coastal cultural values," wrote Brooks. "The culture war merges with the economic-class war—and a new right emerges in which an intellectual cadre, the national conservatives, rallies the proletarian masses against the cultural/corporate elites. All your grandparents' political categories get scrambled along the way."


"Ninety percent of their discourse is about the discourse. Anecdotalism was also rampant at the conference—generalizing from three anecdotes about people who got canceled to conclude that all of American life is a woke hellscape. *They need to get out more," he continued.


* I would suggest Dave do the same, get out of his bubble.



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