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Blacks tire of white liberals’ empty promises


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Washington Examiner

Last week, FiveThirtyEight sought to “prove” how racist white people can still end up voting and supporting black Republicans running for office. It published   “Why White Voters With Racist Views Often Still Support Black Republicans” on Nov. 10. The article was demeaning to black Republicans and anyone who supports them. As I wrote about last week, the crux of the article is how white liberals seek to delegitimize black Republicans who run for office by launching baseless accusations about their supporters. This time around, many blacks are seeing through the lies and indoctrination.

Annetta Catchings took her first leap into politics this November. She ran for mayor of Alexandria, Virginia, seeking to become the city’s first black woman mayor in its history. She took issue with the article.


“The headline is insulting," Catchings said. "First, it assumes that the only racists are in the Republican Party. Second, they are insinuating all white people are agents of white supremacy. So what does that tell you? Anyone who is not on the ‘anti-racism’ journey is an agent of white supremacy, according to their logic."

YG Nyghtstorm, a congressional candidate for the 7th District in Georgia and godson of Alveda King, was taken aback by the article but found it typical of the liberal media.:snip:

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