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Anti-CRT candidates elected to school boards across the state


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Alpha News

School board candidates opposed to critical race theory and COVID-19 mandates had a successful night Tuesday, both in Minnesota and nationally.

Anthony Gockowski

November 3, 2021


Matt Audette, a school board candidate who won his election Tuesday night, created lawn signs that prominently displayed his opposition to CRT.

Candidates opposed to critical race theory and COVID-19 mandates won school board seats across Minnesota Tuesday night, often in areas controlled by Democrats.

In one of the most stunning upsets of the night, Matt Audette defeated opponent Dave Dirkswager by well over 30 points in Anoka-Hennepin. Audette’s campaign was centered on his opposition to critical race theory, mask mandates, and “forced COVID vaccinations.”

In fact, his campaign was known for yard signs that displayed “No Critical Race Theory” far more prominently than his own name.

Conservative Cinta Schmitz won a special election for an open school board seat in Lakeville, defeating opponent Carly Anderson by less than 200 votes. Schmitz ran on a platform of keeping “divisive policies that teach racism and intolerance of people with different ethnic backgrounds or skin colors — whether it’s called CRT or any other equity-related term — out of our schools.”

She also opposes vaccine and mask mandates for students, instead supporting the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their kids.




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