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Five Unnerving Stories About Terry McAuliffe


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If recent polling indicates anything about the current state of the Virginia gubernatorial race, it’s that many Virginians don’t need any more reasons to oppose Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe than they already have. Between his covert support for Critical Race Theory, discreet plans to abolish the suburbs, advocacy for abortion-on-demand, and other radical policies, it has become increasingly clear that McAuliffe’s alliance with the far-left wing of his party is, at the very least, alarming to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

But McAuliffe’s utter lack of political appeal does not end there: for decades, Terry McAuliffe has been engaged in a persistent pattern of shady political practices, sketchy business dealings, and strange personal behaviors. Here are just five of the most prominent examples that Virginians should not forget when they head to the ballot box.

McAuliffe Was A Bag Man for the Clinton Money Machine

As the co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign, McAuliffe was involved in several fundraising scandals that led even the Democrat-friendly New York Times to chastise him as “a walking symbol of the wretched excess of the Clinton years.” McAuliffe was reportedly involved in a scheme to allow “major financial supporters be treated to time with President Clinton at breakfasts, lunches, coffees, morning jogs, or golf”—including so-called “overnights” in the Lincoln Bedroom. Some Democrats were appalled by the sale of access to the White House for fundraising purposes. Republican Chairman Dan Burton of the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight said the arrangement amounted to selling “access to places like the Lincoln bedroom for political contributions.” In total, Clinton’s team hosted more than 100 “coffees” and 49 “overnights” at the White House, which together raised more than $30 million for Clinton’s reelection efforts.

McAuliffe Helped Chinese Nationals Acquire U.S. Visas in Return for Investments in his Company:snip:

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