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Watch Bari Weiss Embarrass Brian Stelter On His Own Show


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The Federalist

:snip:“When you have the chief reporter on the beat of COVID for The New York Times talking about how questioning or pursuing the question of the lab leak is racist, the world has gone mad. When you’re not able to say out loud and in public that there are differences between men and women, the world has gone mad. When we’re not allowed to acknowledge that rioting is rioting and it is bad and that silence is not violence, but violence is violence, the world has gone mad. When we’re not able to say that Hunter Biden’s laptop is a story worth pursuing, the world has gone mad. When, in the name of progress, young school children as young as kindergarten, are being separated in public schools because of their race and that is called progress rather than segregation, the world has gone mad. There are dozens of examples that I could share with you,” Weiss explained.:snip:

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Ya beat me to it!  :angry:




More here at The Post Millennial


Why this gives me hope. We have to remember Bari Weiss was the New York Times Opinion Editor, You don't get any farther Left than that without working at Pravda. She became Awake one day, and more importantly she chose Truth over a nice cushy Very Well Paying position.  

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