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300 parents sue Minnesota school district over mask mandate


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Alpha News

The lawsuit claims the mask mandate "denies students their right to an education" and should not be obligatory.

Evan Stambaugh

October 12, 2021

Roughly 300 parents have sued Rock Ridge Public Schools, located in Minnesota’s Iron Range, to try to strike down its current mask mandate.

Court documents show that the 283 parents involved in the lawsuit are calling for a full repeal of the district’s “COVID mitigation plan,” or at least the removal of the mask mandate, according to the Duluth News Tribune.

If neither of those options are viable, the parents want the school district to instead provide an “alternative learning option” for students who do not wish to wear masks.

Rock Ridge Public Schools is a new district that only formed last July, combining two separate school districts that served the towns of Virginia, Eveleth, and Gilbert. District Superintendent Noel Schmidt told the Duluth News Tribune that, despite the lawsuit, the district will continue to “fully enforce” its COVID plan.


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