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Who Are Confederate Monument Critics Really Targeting?


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Who Are Confederate Monument Critics Really Targeting?

The routine removal of Confederate statues signifies a new stage in the evolution of political progressives. Their vision for a new order that can provide social justice for the so-called oppressed is becoming a secular religion. Assaults on statues are symptomatic that the new faith is working to destroy traditional values. The birth of a new religion—even a secular one—is always a dangerous time. Immature faiths tend toward totalitarian treatment of unbelievers while they fight among themselves over arcane points to settle upon a canonical creed. :snip: https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/who-are-confederate-monument-critics-really-targeting/

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The Ideal Historian of the American Republic

By James Barron Hope  November 25, 2021

In the future some historian shall come forth both
    strong and wise–
With a love of the Republic, and the truth before
    his eyes!
He will show the subtle causes of the War be-
    tween the States,
He will go back in his studies far beyond our
    Modern dates;
He will trace out hostile ideas, as the miner does
    the lodes;
He will show the Union riven, and the picture
    will deplore;
He will show it reunited and made stronger than
Slow and patient, fair and truthful, must the com-
    ing teacher be,
To show how the knife was sharpened, that was
    ground to prune the tree;
He will hold the Scales of Justice; he will meas-
    ure praise and blame,
And the South will stand the verdict, and will
    stand it without shame!


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