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Report shows liberal parents also oppose critical race theory


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Alpha News

Left-wing proponents of CRT must grapple with the reality that it isn’t only conservatives who have a problem with their costly and divisive program.

A.J. Kaufman

July 27, 2021

Politico, which won’t soon be mistaken for a right-wing outlet, published a 2,200-word report Monday showing that ongoing discontent over critical race theory (CRT) isn’t confined to conservative-leaning precincts.

In reality, parents across the political and racial spectrum have qualms about what’s occurring in public schools, including the recent push for using CRT’s controversial tenets in curricula.

Among those who’ve heard of CRT, 53 percent strongly disapprove, while only 23 percent strongly approve.


Sartell, Minnesota, recently received international coverage over what their school board is denying, as have assorted communities from rural Minnesota and Arizona to San Diego and San Francisco.

In wealthy northern Virginia, six members of the local school board are facing recall elections. The response from local school officials to any opposition? “Let them die” or “That’s another right-wing conspiracy. This is totally made up,” per Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

In addition to complaints about curricula becoming too radical, parents in suburban areas are concerned about science-denying school closures and misguided, diversity-obsessed school boards.

Many parents are equally upset that their protestations are dismissed as simply not wanting students to learn about racism.


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July 28 2021

White liberals in the Highland Park School District, near Dallas, Texas, received a letter from BLM activists telling them to keep their kids out of Ivy League (and other top) universities to make room for 'students of color', who need the connections and job opportunities that come from joining the rich clique. Will these Progressive 'White allies' subjugate their dreams for their children to curry favor with Black Lives Matter.

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