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South Dakotans 'pissed off' and 'angry' over Keystone XL cancellation


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Washington Examiner

Barnini Chakraborty

June 10, 2021

It felt like a gut punch.

That's how South Dakota small business owner Laurie Cox described how she felt when news broke that Canadian developer TC Energy officially pulled the plug on the Keystone XL pipeline. The monumental decision to walk away from the $8 billion project was confirmed Wednesday and came at a devastating cost to communities that pinned their hopes and investments on the success of the massive cross-border venture.

The decision to call it quits left people like Cox, who owns a two-story hotel that housed pipeline workers in Midland, South Dakota, feeling abandoned and angry.

"I am disappointed that TC Energy is giving up the fight," she told the Washington Examiner. "I know they and their subcontractors have lost a lot on this, but I feel like they have given up too soon."




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1 hour ago, Geee said:

Are not pissed off and angry the same thing???:lol:


Its a matter of degree, a process. You start off annoyed, then you move on to angry, finally you achieve Pissed Off.  Then of course there's always a high powered rifle and a tall building. This final stage is not recommended, as the authorities have a tendency to react rather negatively to this.

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