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2nd Manassas The Fight for the Roasting Ears


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2nd Manassas The Fight for the Roasting Ears

Feb 14, 2021   Andy Cardinal 

 This episode took place on or about August 23rd. I have found a couple of recollections about this event, which are below.

James Lemon, 18th Georgia:

"We soon drew near a body of Yanks and drove them across the Rapahannock River. We pursued them closely, catching their rearguard at Kelly's Ford. Here a sharp little fight occurred after they had crossed, the firing passing to and fro across the river. On the 22nd of August, we crossed the river at Freeman's Ford with the 5th Texas in the lead of the briggade, and our briggade at the head of the Corps. We drove the Yankees entrenched there over a mile of field and timber, causing them.many more casualties than they did us. The next morning our men, both Texans and Georgians, who among our army were known as excellent foragers (and having not received rations) decided to forage into a nice looking corn field for roasting ears.  

John Stevens, 5th Texas:

"Our movements are very cautious; we know the enemy is near but our knowledge is very limited as to particulars. Suddenly,    
:snip: https://civilwartalk.com/threads/the-fight-for-the-roasting-ears.182474/

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