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Glenn Beck compares tech's ban on Trump to Nazis putting 'Jews behind the wall'

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The Hill

Joseph Choi


Conservative commentator and founder of TheBlaze Glenn Beck said Tuesday that President Trump’s exile from social media following last week's Capitol riot is like a "digital ghetto," comparing it to "Germans with the Jews behind the wall."

Appearing on Fox News, Beck told host Tucker Carlson, “The government and high tech need each other. So this — with the implosion of trust, they have to join hands. And it's extraordinarily dangerous.”

Trump has been permanently or temporarily suspended from various social media websites since the deadly Capitol breach that took place after a rally he spoke at in Washington on Jan. 6. Twitter has banned the president permanently for repeatedly violating its rules of conduct, while Facebook has suspended his account until at least one day after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.



The BEST of the comments

InternetAnthropoligist • 5 hours ago • edited

Nah, the Nazis are the ones who got kicked off big tech’s respective platforms.

Estebe Rey InternetAnthropoligist • 5 hours ago

People literally shrieking for the blood of Jews are kicked off social media, and of course the right starts to compare them to holocaust victims.

StillRelaxin Estebe Rey • 5 hours ago

Glenn Beck would have fit right in with Adolph’s crew.

wf1717 StillRelaxin • 5 hours ago

Beck would of been Hitler's shoe shine boy.

StillRelaxin wf1717 • 3 hours ago

I wonder if Glenn put shoe polish in those survival bags he used to peddle on TV?

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