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Tacos de Canasta


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Tacos de Canasta

Prep Time20 mins

Cook Time1 hr 10 mins

Total Time1 hr 30 mins

Course: Main Course

Cuisine: Mexican

Keyword: tacos

 Servings: 20 Tacos

 Calories: 199kcal

 Author: Charbel Barker   https://www.mylatinatable.com/about-me/


·      20 corn tortillas

·      1 cup salsa verde

·      1 large onion sliced

For the Filling

·      3 large potatoes

·      1 lb chorizo

·      1/4 white onion diced

·      1 clove garlic minced

·      1 tsp pepper

·      1 tsp salt

For the Oil-Based Salsa

·      1 cup canola oil

·      2 guajillo peppers de-seeded

·      1/4 white onion

·      2 cloves garlic

·      1/2 tsp salt

·      1/2 tsp pepper

·      2 bay leaves


For the Filling

1.          Boil the potatoes with salt until they are soft and mash with butter and milk or however you prefer.

2.          Cook the chorizo over medium heat in a frying pan and once cooked, add the mashed potatoes, the onions, the garlic and mix well. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 5 additional minutes. Set aside.

For the Oil Based Salsa

1.          Start by roasting the onion, garlic, and peppers until browned.

2.          Add the oil and the bay leaves and fry everything.

3.          Once fried, blend everything in a blender and strain the mixture.

4.          Add back to the frying pan so that it the salsa is hot again.

To Form The Tacos

1.          Heat the tortillas and add a small amount of the filling to each, folding the tortilla in half in the form of a taco.

2.          Place the tacos in a row and top with the onion slices and then add butcher paper on top and form additional layers.

3.          Once you have formed all of the layers, add the oil based salsa and then seal the bag and cover the basket. Let rest for one hour before serving.

For the Basket

1.          In a basket or a large pot cover the inside with aluminum paper, then add a large towel.

2.          Next, add a plastic bag that is big enough for the basket or pot that you are using.

3.          Finally, add the first layer of butcher paper to absorb some of the salsa. You will add a new layer of butcher paper on top of each layer of tacos and then you will seal the bag and cover with the remaining part of the towel until ready to serve.

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