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Dominion Voting Systems: Connecting the Dots

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Gateway Pundit

Jim Hoft
November 22, 2020

Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is a company that sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the United States and Canada. It is also in the headlines presently due to rumors going around of it’s involvement in election rigging claimed by the Trump Administration and his legal team, as the voting systems for the 2020 Presidential Election used their systems to tally votes. While the company itself, along with every other news source has denounced any irregularities or evidence of election rigging due to the voting systems, evidence to the contrary has started to present itself. Here is a brief history of Dominion Election Systems before they became Dominion.


(After you read, I will now leave it you to decide for yourself what is fact and what is fiction. I partook in vast amounts of research further into these topics, people and corporations I discussed and came to the conclusions I did. If you see what I’m seeing and it has you wanting to find out more as I did, I hope you too start doing your own investigative research and start connecting the dots as I have.- Blade Coplin)

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