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How to Make the Best Brisket at Home According to Hutchins BBQ


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How to Make the Best Brisket at Home According to Hutchins BBQ

The DFW barbecue joint shares tips for a successful smoke

Written by: 

Peter Warren

Published: July 24, 2020 at 12:00 am

The brothers’ biggest tip for cooking brisket is buying the highest quality meat. Finding the best meat possible is a process in itself—it took Hutchins BBQ four years before but it found a supplier who could handle its inventory and quality demands. Tim recommends building a relationship with your local butcher. “It’s hard to turn a piece of meat from a one out of 10 to a seven out of 10,” he says. “If we’re getting a top tier meat that starts at an eight or nine, then we can turn it into a 10.”

 Through years of testing, the family has found that aging the brisket for 30 to 45 days is the “sweet spot.” For storing at home in a normal refrigerator, Tim says 30 days should be the benchmark. The aging process does not begin when you put the meat in the fridge, but from the date the meat was packed, so be sure to check the label to get the correct date.

 Coating the brisket with mustard before adding the seasonings is important to ensuring a good bark, or outer layer, during smoking. Tim recommends using a well-mixed rub of two-thirds medium-grind pepper and one-third kosher salt. “You can’t go wrong with a two to one ratio on pepper to salt,” Tim says. “That’s just a good all-around brisket tip.”

pepper to salt,” Tim says. “That’s just a good all-around brisket tip.”  :snip: 


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