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Minnesota Dems skip Senate hearing on Minneapolis riots


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Alpha News

Democrats on the joint committee said they “fully reject the partisan report” and called the committee process a “farce.”

Anthony Gockowski

October 24, 2020

Senate Republicans called a joint committee hearing Thursday to review a recent report on the state’s response to the George Floyd riots, but their Democratic colleagues decided to skip the meeting.

Throughout July, many of the key players involved in handling the response to the riots testified before a joint meeting of the Senate Transportation Committee and the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

Their testimony, combined with internal documents from Gov. Tim Walz’s administration and the city of Minneapolis, served as the basis of a 55-page report released last week.

Among many other things, the report describes Walz’s hesitation in activating the Minnesota National Guard and reveals that 80% of the agitators were released on the scene and not arrested.


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