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Space Force stands up Space Operations Command in warfighting step for new service


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Washington Examiner


PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colorado —Two hours of pomp and circumstance at a 6,100-foot elevation airfield surrounded by majestic mountain peaks put Space Force one step closer to arming space warfighters Wednesday.

The ceremony to stand up the first Space Force field command, Space Operations Command, or SpOC, took place among a socially distanced crowd of some 300 at Hangar 140 on the flight line of Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

The signal to adversaries, its new commander told the Washington Examiner, is “how serious we are.”

“We did not choose this reality of making space a warfighting domain,” said Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting. “We do not want a war to extend into space or to start in space. But if somebody picks a fight with us there, we will win.”:snip:

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