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American Oligarchs | Ep. 57


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The Verdict With Ted Cruz

Oct. 22 2020

Just two weeks before the election, Big Tech tyrants censored (read: completely hid) a bombshell story from the New York Post about Hunter Biden, and they are going to answer for it. Following his call to subpoena the Big Tech bosses to the Judiciary Committee room and following the DOJ’s decision to sue Google, Senator Cruz joins Michael Knowles to discuss why these moves are so important to the future of democracy in America and why allowing a few billionaires to have a monopoly over every means of communication is incredibly dangerous. * Plus, is the Senator really a vegan?


* Spoiler Alert: "All of the animals I eat Are vegetarian."

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@Valin I kind of chuckle when I hear Ted Cruz sometimes now. When he first became a Senator he got all kinds of heat for being brazen and saying things people thought were outrageous. Since Trump became President, I no longer hear him charged with that :lmfao:

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