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Biden's career long Pinocchio Syndrome


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The Center Square

“The lip of truth shall last forever; but a lying tongue shall last only for a moment.”

– Proverbs 12:19

Pinocchio is a character in the 1883 children's book “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Italian author Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio is an animated puppet, who happens to be a habitual liar. His nose grows longer with each lie he tells. Throughout the story, this boy’s nose grows longer every time he tells a tale. He is such a naughty boy, his nose grows so long he can’t get it through the door to his room.


Carlo Collodi was a Florentine political activist. Critics conclude he did not create the habitual lying Pinocchio to entertain children. His objective was to illustrate what happens if they fail to learn the facts. People will be gullible and believe every lie others tell them. And then they repeat those lies as truths to other people. Since they never learned the truth, nobody ever believes a thing they say.


Pinocchio is an icon for parents and teachers to impress the importance of truth. Political scientists claim despots like Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Lenin had what they call the “Pinocchio Syndrome”; the ability to twist and turn lies to deceive the most gullible of the masses. They lie so much so often people believe their lies are truths.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell

Psychiatrists define the Pinocchio Syndrome as the mental disorder of being a “pathological liar.” They concede those who have this pathology are characterized by the inevitable compulsion to lie and they lie so much so often, they eventually believe these lies themselves.

“Too many people are concerned about being factually correct instead of being morally right.”

– Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

During elections, fact checking is a full-time job. There is a fine line that separates fact from fiction. This is a nightmare for “real journalists.” There is also a finer line between exaggerating facts and inventing them. Until a decade ago, a few truth reporters fact-checked campaigns. But that ended with Obama, Clinton and Biden. They can say anything they wish and the media reports it as fact.:snip:

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