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The Real ‘Climate Crisis’ Is At The World Economic Forum


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Climate Change Dispatch

No, I’m not talking about some make-believe super hurricane, tornado, heatwave, drought, or flood that alarmists talk about but which never happens. I’m talking about the World Economic Forum that met in June 2020.

It appears that the most powerful leaders in the world are calling for a “Great Reset” of the entire global economy.


They seem to want to stamp out capitalism worldwide and go to socialism. No need to explain what that would cause. Of course, to do that they are using their favorite standby, climate change alarmism.

After all, it’s hard to get anything you want unless you try to scare uninformed people. They realize that average working people have neither the time nor are able to make sense of the tons of scientific research papers on the subject.

That’s because the climate is very complex, an ever-changing system with many inputs involving hundreds of factors.

Like previous U.N. climate summits, the World Economic Forum in 2021 will be another lavish party attended by hypocrites flying in on private jets while having a feel-good time trying to convince everybody the world is about to end.

Meanwhile, climate realists are getting the real data out to the public and educating them along with exposing all the fraud behind climate change alarmism.

Here are just a few examples of how things have been changing for the better lately.

Michael Shellenberger, a 20-year climate activist, recants: ‘On behalf of environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare’. Good for him.

Warmest Eric Holthaus admits: ‘The Climate Emergency Isn’t About Science, It’s About Justice.”:snip:

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