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Not tired of it, but there has been plenty of winning under Trump


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Power Line

Paul Mirengoff

October 11, 2020

This George Will column is called “Republicans, are you tired of winning yet?” Oddly, Will makes no real effort to assess the extent to which, from a conservative Republican perspective, America has been winning under President Trump.

Instead, Will devotes the first part of his column to complaining that America is having difficulty managing the mechanics of voting. But this difficulty is due to the challenges of a pandemic, coupled, in my view, with efforts by Democrats to use the pandemic to loosen requirements that safeguard election integrity. It has nothing to do with whether Trump has kept his promise to Republicans about winning.


If, on this record, Will wants to taunt Trump for saying we’d tire of winning under his administration, that’s his right. However, it would have been better if he had bothered to analyze the record.

It would also be nice if he would compare the amount of winning conservative Republicans can expect in a second Trump administration to the amount that’s likely to occur if Joe Biden wins. The latter amount is approximately nil.

Instead, we can expect non-stop losing, including, quite possibly, a packed Supreme Court and the end of the Senate filibuster. These measures would give Democrats almost limitless ability to enact left-wing legislation with virtually no hope of having the unconstitutional portion of that agenda struck down by the courts.

It’s futile to ask most Never Trumpers to recognize this reality. To most of them, it’s more important to signal their distaste for a distasteful president than to focus on the policy implications of defeating Trump. And the worst of them have already switched their positions on key policy matters, anyway.

In one way or another, they have sold conservatism down the river.



*George F Will and the Never Turmpers...all 37 of them.

Sounds like a 1960's Rock Band :lmfao:

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