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Saudi Prince Bandar Denounces Palestinian Leadership: Is Saudi-Israel Peace Deal Next?


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Rick Moran

Oct 11, 2020

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, one of the most widely recognized and respected Saudi officials in the world, gave a three-part interview to the government-controlled Al Arabiya news network and proceeded to tear down 70 years of myths about the leadership of the Palestinian national movement. Bandar spent 22 years as a Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and is known to speak for the government.

It was an extraordinary series of interviews — a brutal assessment of the numerous self-inflicted wounds by Palestinian leaders going all the way back to the 1930s. It was broadcast in Arabic with English subtitles on a news network that reaches every country in the region. And while Bandar is no longer in the government, a palace spokesman said he was speaking for Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salman.

Bandar began by talking about the Mufti of Jerusalem, the very first Palestinian national leader, who made a deal with the Nazis back in the 1930s and got nothing to show for it.






We will know just how Real this Israeli-Arab peace movement is (and I Hope & Pray it is), when Arab school text books...and the Tone of the Friday sermon, Change.
It is one thing for the leadership of these nations to make these moves and say these things its another to see this filter down to The Street.

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Prince Bandar bin Sultan 90 Minute Speech[/v[ on Al Arabiya. IMO this is 90 minutes well worth spending, if Only to get the Saudi view of the last 72 years.

Thing people need to understand. Because of this being broadcast on Al Arabiya, The Official Word has been given. This is now Official Saudi Policy... the Palestinian leadership had Best pay heed. That Was Then...This Is Now. And quote the former Vice President This Is A Big (bleeping) Deal. The question is Will The Palestinian leadership Listen? The Palestinian alas never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Lets hope this is the exception that proves the rule





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