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CIA Memo PROVES CLINTON Manufactured Frameup | Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 76


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And now He's Tanned he's Rested...He;s still Bat s^#@ Crazy.

Deplorable Ladies & Gentlemen......



Oct. 10 2020

The Worst Person in the World With Keith Olbermann Episode #3: Trump's Thug Bill Barr has just informed him that "The Durham Report" which Trump believes will allow him to arrest Obama, Biden, Hillary, Emperor Palpatine, Emmanuel Goldstein, Tracy Flick and everybody else he doesn't like, won't be issued until AFTER the election. An in-depth look at Barr, yet another Trump toady who will now be thrown into the bottomless pit for displeasing Clorox Don.

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