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Trump Will Guest Host The Rush Limbaugh Show Friday


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Daily Caller

President Donald Trump will hold a virtual rally while guest hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show this Friday.


“I’m thrilled to announce that our commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radio history,” Limbaugh said in a statement Thursday. “Be sure to tune in. You don’t want to miss this. It will be special, and I am really looking forward to it.”

Trump himself confirmed the news later in the day on Twitter


Trump honored Limbaugh — who is currently battling advanced lung cancer — with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the 2020 State of the Union address in February.

“Almost every American family knows the pain when a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness,” the president remarked at the time. “Here tonight is a special man, someone beloved by millions of Americans who just received a Stage 4 advanced cancer diagnosis. This is not good news, but what is good news is that he is the greatest fighter and winner that you will ever meet. Rush Limbaugh, thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country.”

“And Rush, in recognition of all that you have done for our Nation, the millions of people a day that you speak to and that you inspire, and all of the incredible work that you have done for charity, I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”:snip:

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