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BLM Rioters Attack Businesses and Private Homes in Wisconsin


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Red State

Those “peaceful protesters” who Michelle Obama was talking about were at it again tonight in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

The riots have been continuing elsewhere, while we’ve been covering the debates and the president getting ill. They haven’t stopped.


But they got another “spark” off today. Not that they really need any more, because truthfully facts don’t matter to these rioters. On Wednesday. we found out that an officer would not face charges in the death of 17 year old Alvin Cole because there was sufficient evidence to believe that the Wauwatosa officer, who was also black, Joseph Mensah, had reason for self-defense.

That kicked them off. As Julio Rosas reported for Townhall, a group then went on a smashing rampage throughout the town.

First, they smashed up the windows of businesses including Kumon Learning. Because apparently helping kids to learn is offensive to the BLM.:snip:

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