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Harris aims to target Trump while Pence looks to paint contrasts in vice presidential debate


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Fox News

Both Biden and Trump campaigns try to lower expectations ahead of vice presidential showdown

Paul Steinhauser

Oct. 7 2020

When Sen. Kamala Harris of California and Vice President Mike Pence face off Wednesday night in the one and only vice presidential debate, Harris will be concentrating her firepower on a person physically absent from the debate stage in Salt Lake City, Utah.

That person is President Trump.

“Sen. Harris will be on stage with Mike Pence but this debate is really about Trump’s failed leadership and the Trump-Pence record of failing American families over the past four years,” the Democratic vice presidential nominee’s communications director Liz Allen told reporters hours before the 9 p.m. ET showdown. “This debate about families trying to cope amid coronavirus.”


The debate – the first since the president contracted COVID-19 -- comes as Trump’s sidelined from the campaign, self-isolating in the White House after being hospitalized for three days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as he recovers from the coronavirus.


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10 minutes ago, Geee said:


Actually Both were pretty good at Question dodging?


The TOP comment

"The reason why Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and the Republicans won't let this topic go is because they're trying to distract us from their hypocrisy right after they decided to appointed Amy Coney Barrett before the election instead of fulfilling the wish of the late Justice Ginsburg, and allow that to happen after the election! Vote Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and all of the Republicans out, because they live for making the rules, and breaking the rules at the same time (I'm guessing they've been watching too much WWE, because they share the same personality as the heel wrestlers)! As far as the Supreme Court goes, after Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats win the election, they will come to that bridge when they cross it!"


Let me say, that Smirk on MZZZ Harris's face, made me want to reach through my screen and SLAP IT OFF HER FACE. She just gave me one more reason (as if I needed any) to NOT for the Hair Sniffer and the Bimbo.

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Oct. 8 2020

In last night's vice-presidential debate, the USA Today moderator casually and confidently threw out lots of misinformation and superstition about climate. Toto sets the record straight.

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