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No Joe, You Didn’t Hand Trump A Booming Economy


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Joe Biden – along with his amen chorus in the press – keeps insisting that he and President Barack Obama handed Donald Trump a booming economy when they left office in 2016.

“We left a booming economy, ” Biden said during the first presidential debate, “and he caused the recession.” Debate moderator Chris Wallace jumped in to help Biden, adding that job growth was faster in the last three years of Obama’s term than the first three of Trump’s.


One is a flat out lie, the other a clever deception.

After presiding over the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, Obama and Biden left office with the economy stalling out, leading experts to warn that the nation was facing “secular stagnation.”

Look at the numbers. GDP growth sharply decelerated in 2016, falling from 3.1% the year before down 1.7% in 2016 – the second-worst year under Obama/Biden after the recession ended and the third year of below 2% growth on their watch.:snip:

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I don't know where and in what country The Democrats were living in from 2008 to 2016 BUT here in the USA and the upper Midwest you could call the economy many things Booming was Not one of them.

I see a lot of Democrats say this they gave Trump a booming economy...when asked to cite sources, they get strangely quiet.

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