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Nigel Farage rides again


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The Critic UK

The Brexit Party is readying itself to oppose a bad deal with the EU

Gawain Towler

2 October, 2020

There is that scene in so many movies, in so many books, where the old warrior, seeing the overturn of his life’s work, straps on his battered breastplate, holsters-up, or puts a battered pen to paper. It is one of the great plotlines of fiction, because it has an echo in the real world.

Right now, Nigel Farage is looking at the last twenty years of his life and reaching for the buckles.

The fact is that there is another theme, and this one has no correlation in popular fiction but is a truth universally acknowledged over the past 40 years. The Tory party, desirous of a fat majority, will sell the country out over Europe.

The simple fact is that this Government had the opportunity to do something about our negotiations with the EU in the months after the election. They had a whopping great majority and the goodwill of the nation. Boris had used his ebullience to present the country with a vision that with one bound we would be free, the deal was oven-ready, he was going to get Brexit done. Yes, he had inherited the Withdrawal Agreement, a deeply duff deal, from his predecessor. His resignation as Foreign Secretary over it gave us the confidence that he recognised it as such. And yet on the 25 January, a mere month after his triumphant election victory, he signed that same duff deal and condemned the country to this slow lingering betrayal. It was not necessary to do so, he could have pointed to the election, the vote, and with the support of the country gone to Brussels and made it clear he would not sign. This he signally failed to do.

So here we are again, with the EU making threatening noises, taking legal action with leaks coming out of Berlin and London suggesting that the UK is prepared to make more concessions................(Snip)


What part of We..Want Out! Don't the conservative party Understand?

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