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Democrats: Riots, Racism, Rot, and Rebellion


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American Thinker

Democrats love to claim that their party underwent a metamorphosis in the 1960s, when they finally washed away the taint of slavery past.  The Rebellion, in which Democrats played principal roles in causing, was a century in the rearview mirror.  Goes the spin: Democrats vanquished their post-Civil War record of virulent racism, which expressed itself in Jim Crow (Southern apartheid) and the atrocities of the nightriding Ku Klux Klan -- the party’s white-garbed brownshirts -- who ranged beyond the South, terrorizing blacks in states where Democrats concentrated.  

As we view the Democratic Party from the vantage point of October, 2020, we see that the party’s character is unchanged. The party of slavery, rebellion, and Jim Crow has found new expressions for its darker inclinations. 

Antifa and BLM are knockoffs of the KKK.  Riots and mob violence in blue cities are very much the provocations of the party’s new strongarms.  Trashing and terrorizing cities aren’t an end, but a beginning.  They’re demonstration projects of sorts.  Roadshows are to follow if the rest of us don’t knuckle under.      

Democrats have never lost their appetite for oppression.  Underclass blacks are as exploited and kept down today as blacks were in the Jim Crow South.  Now, though, they’re given welfare checks, public housing, and handhelds in exchange for votes.  Democrats’ “Great Society” schemes empowered white and black overseers and lined their pockets, but decades ago failed to lift poor blacks out of their circumstances.  Black generational poverty is bondage:snip:

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