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Hugh Hewitt's "The Rundown"


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Hugh Hewitt: Politics and National Security


Ya know how everyone keeps  saying "The Is The Most Important Election Ever!"? I've pushed back on that saying "They Were All The Most Important."...I'm coming to the conclusion the 2020 Election IS If not THE most important, certainly one of the Big Ones. A Defining Moment in our Republic. Mob Rule or Ordered Liberty.

For those of us who understand our political system requires 2 opposing political parties Run By Adults (and a media that calls Balls & Strikes) 2020/2022 are really Important. We need a Democratic Party that is run by Adults and doesn't bow to The Mob. The only way this happens is The Democratic Party gets their asses handed to them in 2020 & 2022.

How do you train a mule? Step 1 hit it with a 2x4 to get its attention.

Here endth the sermon. And All Gods People said AMEN!

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