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‘Badly bungled’: Journalists crushed after Biden campaign bars most media from Minnesota stop


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Biden hosted a "carefully choreographed small group encounter" with virtually no media allowed shortly before Trump hosted an energetic rally with full media coverage and a large crowd.

Kyle Hooten

September 19, 2020

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden barred most media from his Minnesota campaign stop Friday, according to several local reporters.

Biden visited union members in Duluth Friday afternoon while President Donald Trump held a rally in Bemidji later in the evening. Unlike Trump’s rally, Biden’s visit strictly limited media access. The event was so controlled that The Star Tribune referred to it as “Biden’s carefully choreographed small group encounter.”

A slew of mostly left-leaning Minnesota journalists from other outlets bemoaned the fact that the campaign denied them access and appeared to withhold details about the event for much longer than usual.

WCCO anchor Esme Murphy noted how the campaign’s hesitation to provide details about its press policy was “really unusual,” and compared it to Trump’s campaign which was forthcoming with reporters.



The more perceptive of you MAY see a small almost inappreciable difference in the two rallies.





Trump and Biden hit unlikely battleground state of Minnesota



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