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Heather MacDonald: Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into a State of Fear with COVID-19


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From Mar. 19 2020

Well in in Minnesota Gov Tim Walz has taken care of that little problem...by shutting down All Bars & Restaurants. The question is, 1. How long will this ban be in place 2. how many bars and restaurants will go under? All because of 14 cases (out of a population of 5.6 Million)

Let me see if I understand this (not being all that bright I..Could..Be..Wrong) The media pushes the Panic Button in order to get Ratings/Clicks. A certain number of people go (for lack of a better word) Insane. Politicians in response to the Media and the Insane, react by shutting down large parts of society/the economy...(249 people in a group, you're safe, 251 Everyone dies. If you want a drink or dinner out...You're gonna die.). Then to (try) a solve the problem they created by panicking and reacting to the insanity they say they are going to Give me $1,000. Where we might reasonably ask will they get this money? Why from the magical money tree of course!

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