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Tony Maryland Private School to Hold Black-Only Event


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$30,000-a-year prep school says skin color will determine who attends social justice event

Chrissy Clark

August 7, 2020

An elite Maryland private school is dividing parents in virtual social justice sessions based on race.

Key School, a private school located in Annapolis, plans to host a virtual "affinity dialogue" for black parents only. The school's diversity, equity, and inclusion page claims these sessions are the first of multiple steps in the school's journey toward "reconciliation, restoration, and justice." While the diversity office at the $30,075 per-year school publicly claims that all parents are welcome to join in such events, a school official acknowledged that it will hold one virtual session that is only available to black people.

"The Dialogues for Justice session on August 11 is specifically an affinity meeting for our African American/Black parents," a spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon. "The Dialogues for Justice session on August 3 is for all of our parents."

A concerned parent—who spoke to the Free Beacon on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution—said administrators have ignored those who have raised concerns about segregated events. The parent of two claims the school does not want to have a discussion that "goes against the narrative of white supremacy."



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