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Scott Johnson

Aug. 7 2020

Ammo Grrrll notes THINGS THAT NEVER GET OLD IN LEFTY-LOONY WORLD (Another Ongoing Series). She writes:

Calling Every Republican President Hitler

Linda Ronstadt, once a pop singer of some talent, opined that President Trump was not only Hitler, but that it’s the Mexicans who are the “new Jews.” No matter how many “new” Jews appear on the scene, Ye Boring Olde Jews seem never to drop off the bottom of the “OK to Hate” List. If thousands of leftists see no difference between rounding up your own citizens, stealing everything they own, putting them in cattle cars bound for extermination, or PREVENTING people from invading your country, sending them back alive and well to where they came from, well, then I can’t help you. You have neither brains nor a moral center.


Everything Is Racism!

This could be a series alone with enough episodes to rival Scott’s “Coronavirus” series. So I’ll just touch on a couple of particularly-stupid charges. Recently, a race-obsessed three-decade long “public servant” named Marcia L. Fudge (D-11th Dist., Ohio) said that the phased reopening of America was RACIST because the things that were opening were things Black people liked to do and therefore African-Americans would be deliberately killed in droves by COVID-19. What were those things? No, surprisingly, it wasn’t peaceful looting, which turned out to be safe, along with peaceful arson, both activities sanctioned by the Left. Guess it turns out the Wuhan Flu spittle droplets created by singing in church evaporate in flames!

Well, those Black-favored activities turned out to be hair salons and bowling. Bowling!...(Snip)


Voter Suppression

In Florida in the 2000 election debacle, the New York Times sent reporters to Florida to cover the reported massive voter suppression. Not exactly friendly to W, the Times was unable to document a single incident. No, not one. Here is what constitutes “suppression”: having set times when a voter must get his or her behind to a place to vote. You have to find a way to get to your precinct’s voting booths from (usually) 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. I know, that is horribly onerous. Back in Minnesota, the grade school where I had to go to vote was OVER SIX BLOCKS AWAY from my home. I could have gotten there doing an Army crawl and still managed to make it between those hours. When I worked all night long, I voted first thing in the morning, on my way home from third shift. When I was self-employed, I voted later.


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