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British tabloid leaks bodycam videos from George Floyd's death


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The videos were shown to reporters in July, but they weren't allowed to record or distribute the footage.

Melissa Turtinen

Aug. 3 2020

The Daily Mail has leaked body camera footage showing the moments before and after George Floyd's May 25 death. 

The British tabloid published portions of the footage from former Minneapolis police officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng bodycams on Monday.

The body camera footage was made available starting July 15 for viewing by appointment after the videos were included as evidence in a motion to dismiss the charges against Lane.

Judge Peter Cahill, who is presiding over the cases of the four former officers charged in connection to Floyd's death, ordered that the footage couldn't be recorded or distributed. 


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Body Cam Footage of Floyd’s Arrest Leaked

John Hinderaker

August 3, 2020

Someone leaked police body cam footage of George Floyd’s arrest to the Daily Mail. There are two videos, embedded below. Make of them what you will.

To me, what is most striking is how crazy Floyd was from the beginning. The officers tried to get him out of the vehicle in which he was parked and into their squad car so they could take him to a police station and book him for passing a counterfeit bill. This proved impossible. Floyd, in a highly emotional state, was yelling, “Don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot me!” when there was no prospect of his being shot.

Floyd wouldn’t get into the squad car, saying he was claustrophobic. The officers struggled with him for around ten minutes, but were never able to get him securely inside the squad car. At one point he tumbled out the opposite door of the squad car, onto the street. The officers, believing correctly that Floyd was high on drugs, called for an ambulance.

Floyd complained of being unable to breathe long before anyone knelt on his neck. (Shortness of breath is a symptom of fentanyl overdose.) He apparently preferred being on the ground to being inside the squad car. One of his companions, his “ex” according to the Daily Mail, made a finger-twirling-next-to-the-temple gesture to explain his mental state.


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