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Attkisson v. Holder: The Government Spied on Me and Now is Hiding the Guilty Parties


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At least once a day, I find myself taking a breath and silently marveling over the outrageous fact that the Department of Justice continues to fight my computer intrusion case in court. They are spending your tax money to protect the guilty parties rather than hold them accountable. This is the opposite of what they and our justice system are supposed to do. They have not changed their obstruction and obfuscation over the seven years spanning this fight -- no matter the facts. 

They don’t have to. They have the upper hand. Realistically, there’s not much of a damn thing a citizen like me can do about it. My attorneys and I have expansive, independent forensic proof of the intrusions. We have a government deposition admitting the government controlled the internet protocol (IP) addresses involved. We now even have one of the agents involved admitting what he did and naming names. 

But the Department of Justice has something far more crucial than evidence and facts. It has an unlimited flow of money, a grip on the information about the illegal operation, and the absolute power to protect rather than prosecute the guilty agents.:snip:

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