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I Am Not a Woke American


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I am not woke. Not at all. 


I don’t disrespect the flag, the anthem, or respect the people that do. If you do disrespect our country, I don’t care what your business or your cause is because you and it can go straight to Hell. Also, don’t add insult to injury by disrespecting the flag and then saying, “Well, that’s not what it’s about.” Of course, that’s what it’s about. You are publicly telling the world that you don’t like America to get attention for your cause. You may be stupid, but everyone isn’t. A country that has provided more opportunities for people than any other in history doesn’t deserve to be disrespected by pampered millionaire athletes, commie teachers, and anarchists living with mommy and daddy. 

Along similar lines, what so many working Americans don’t deserve is a collection of politicians that are so weak and spineless that they let mobs loot stores, burn police stations, and terrorize cities rather than allow the police to enforce law and order. There’s not a police force in America that couldn’t have shut down these riots in 2-3 days tops if the politicians let them. It’s fine to worry about police brutality, but a lack of police brutality when dealing with mobs and criminals running wild across the city is a bigger failing. Bad cops need to go, but what about the other side of the equation? We have career criminals acting like maniacs around the police, getting shot, and then we have people demanding that we give the benefit of the doubt to the criminal? If you are going to ask cops to put themselves in danger and deal with the worst people in our society on a daily basis, all while knowing that everyone from the politicians to the media are going to slant the truth to make them look like bad guys, then yes, they deserve the public’s support.

Some people don’t do that because our school system is broken. It teaches kids that everything that made America successful in the first place from the Founding Fathers on is bad. Our mainstream media is even worse. You can’t take anything you read about politics and culture in the New York Times, Washington Post, or CNN at face value because pushing a woke narrative is more important than the truth. “News” isn’t about the facts anymore; it’s about pushing an ideology and everything else including the truth is secondary to that. Our culture has glorified victimhood to such an extent that people regularly fake hate crimes to get attention. Our social media giants are one giant hate factory that divides us and amplifies the worst human instincts we have. It’s a toxic soup that is eating through everything that made America a great country in the first place.

The Coronavirus hasn’t helped, but it has revealed how deeply dysfunctional our country has become. Woke politicians locked whole states down, whether areas were highly infected or had no one infected and they crippled our economy in the process. They also harassed people going to church, told people they couldn’t see their dying parents in the hospital and ruined small businesses. But then when the woke wanted to protest by the thousands, these same little tin gods gave it the thumbs up and called it, “science.” Wokeness has made everything political, even preventing a virus from killing people.

There was a time when American culture was the answer to all the world’s problems. A time when if every nation on earth had adopted our morals, our work ethic, our belief in capitalism, and in freedom, that it would have made the world into a paradise. Today, no country in their right mind would want to copy America’s woke culture. It’s as dysfunctional as any place on earth and maybe worse because poor and backward nations have an excuse while the woke among us are acting like babied rich kids running daddy’s factory into the ground because they never saw it as anything other than a wallet. The greatness in American culture comes from freedom, entrepreneurship, a Protestant work ethic, and genuinely good people. Woke culture is about censorship and asking other people to pay your way instead of working along with hating your own country and people that aren’t woke. It’s Stage 4 societal cancer and the further it spreads, the less likely it is that our society will survive long-term. 

When the woke mob are behaving like children in the streets, you don’t give them what they want by taking down statues, weakening police forces, or generally trying to make them happy. You protect law-abiding citizens; you enforce the law and you show them that their tactics are counterproductive. Stop rewarding the sick, selfish behavior of people that don’t know what gender they are, but definitely know how to rewrite our whole society based on what they learned in their women’s studies classes. Stand up, speak out, and fight back instead of letting spoiled brats try to tear down everything Americans have built over generations.


Wake up to the "woke" crowd.

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