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Nigerian Mafia in Italy now “on the same level” as the Camorra, police say


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David Amoruso

July 31 2020

Police in Italy last week arrested over 40 people connected to the Nigerian Mafia in Italy and charged them with Mafia association, human trafficking, drug trafficking and distribution, and running a prostitution ring. According to police, the Nigerian crime groups are now “on the same level” as the notorious Camorra.

Earlier police reports indicated that the Nigerian Mafia had established its European headquarters in Castel Volturno, a village in the province of Caserta between Rome and Naples comprised of between 25,000 and 50,000 inhabitants – two thirds immigrated there from Africa.

Power struggle with the Casalesi Clan

As their numbers grew, so did their influence. Their growing power led to conflicts with Camorra groups. In 2008, the Casalesi Clan shot to death 7 people outside the Ob Ob Exotic Fashion tailor shop on the Via Domitiana, a scene that was later reenacted in hit television show Gomorra.


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