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BREAKING: Pro-Life Activists Arrested After Chalking ‘Black Pre-Born Lives Matter’ On Sidewalk By Planned Parenthood


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Ryan Saavedra

Aug 1, 2020 

Law enforcement officials in Washington, D.C., arrested two pro-life activists on Saturday after the activists wrote “black pre-born lives matter” in chalk outside a Planned Parenthood building.

The two activists, who were flanked by numerous supporters, were approached by law enforcement as they started to write on the sidewalk.

“Hey folks, I need to tell you that if you continue chalking, you’re going to be placed under arrest for defacing property,” the officer said. “I’ve given you you’re warning. You understand that, right?”

“If you continue chalking, you’re going to be placed under arrest,” the officer continued.

At that point the two activists continued to write on the sidewalk in chalk.

The officer then motioned to other officers to place the two activists under arrest.


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