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Scrapping filibuster likely if Democrats win Senate majority, opening up liberal agenda


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Democrats say they've finally exhausted all their patience: It's time for the filibuster to go.


For years, both parties have threatened to get rid of the Senate rule, which allows the minority party to delay or block a vote on a legislative measure by speaking for an indefinite amount of time on the floor. But a growing chorus from Democrats signals that the complaints about the filibuster this time around are different and that the party is serious about getting rid of it altogether.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama called the tactic "another Jim Crow relic" and said that Democrats should end the practice should they take the Senate and presidency in November in order to pass dramatic electoral reform like automatic voter registration and restoring voting rights for felons out of prison.

Obama's rhetoric echoed comments made by longtime Joe Biden confidante Sen. Chris Coons in late June when he said he would "not stand idly by for four years and watch the Biden administration's initiatives blocked at every turn." The Delaware lawmaker added that "what's left of structural guardrails," meaning the remaining filibuster rules, which have been slowly chipped away at over the past decade by both parties, would need to be removed to tackle the "mess at home and abroad.":snip:

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