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Good News From Pennsylvania?


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John Hinderaker

July 31, 2020

These days, we Republicans take our good news any way we can get it. This is from Pennsylvania:


[T]here’s good news for the GOP: Registration shifts across the state show Republicans are gaining voters at five times the rate of Democrats.

Since the 2016 primary election, Republicans have added about 165,000 net voters, while Democrats added only about 30,000. Democrats still maintain a 800,000-voter edge over Republicans. But that’s down from 936,000 in 2016, when Trump still won the state by less than 1%.

The Democrats are the party of riots and arson, of favoring criminals over police officers, of doing away with law enforcement, of “canceling” those with whom they disagree, of selling out to China, of raising taxes to stratospheric levels. Is this really a winning platform? And is Joe Biden, verging on the comatose, a winning candidate? I have to see it to believe it. So I don’t find it shocking that Republicans are signing up new voters far faster than Democrats.

Here in Minnesota, if you read the newspapers and watch the news, you would think that most Minnesotans are pro-riot and arson, love to see statues torn down, don’t mind our economy being needlessly destroyed, and can’t wait to get back into President Xi’s pocket. But our polling finds that 85% of Minnesotans support their local law enforcement. The disconnect between the official story and what is actually happening on the ground is a chasm. I’m guessing the same is true around the country.




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