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The Truth About Policing and Race Is Too Hot for YouTube


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John Hinderaker

July 30, 2020

Earlier today, Center of the American Experiment hosted a live-streamed presentation by Heather Mac Donald titled “The Truth About Crime, Race and Policing.” Heather’s talk, which lasted for around 40 minutes, was fact-filled. It delivered a knockout punch to the Black Lives Matter “systemic police racism” narrative, which can’t stand up to empirical analysis. Thousands of people watched the livestream on an event page, on YouTube and on Facebook. We intend that a vastly greater number–hundreds of thousands–watch the archived video on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

But within an hour after the program ended, YouTube deleted the video on the pretense that it violated YouTube’s “Community Guidelines.” We got this email from YouTube:



We have re-uploaded the video to YouTube, where you can watch it here, at least for the time being. We are also uploading the video to Facebook–it is a huge file–and I will add that link when it is ready. [Update: Here it is: Face Book




Watched this yesterday on Face Book.Very Good!

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