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How to Improve Your Life with the Judicious Application of Mischief


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 How to Improve Your Life with the Judicious Application of Mischief

 By Kent Forrester

  July 30, 2020 (23 Minutes Ago)


 Every now and then, I tune in to watch the noisy mobs of mostly white youngsters milling around in downtown Portland. Early in the evening, they march, chant, and break an occasional window, deface a building or two. It’s all in good fun.

They profess to be marching because they are terribly surprised and mightily offended that there are mean cops and racists in the US. Later in the evening, feistier latecomers to the party show up (who think that socially approved goals are for wimps and therefore have no goal except destruction). Remnants of the first group, then, join with the second group to light fires, break windows, steal things, and shoot fireworks at the cops. Over 60 straight nights now. That’s a record to be proud of.    :snip: 

oh look's like her parents raised another fool (Democrat)

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