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The NBA Just Got Caught In the Biggest Scandal of Their History, Players Told Not to Comment


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While the connections between the NBA and China have been obvious for a long time, the basketball league has done a fairly effectively job of side-stepping criticism. That’s largely been possible because of a compliant media, which doesn’t dare criticize an organization so committed to “social justice.” Lebron James, for example, has been allowed to continually not answer questions about China’s abuses even as he proclaims himself a leader in the “anti-racist” movement.

But that may be about to change. The biggest scandal in the league’s history has just dropped and it’s directly connected to human rights abuses in China.:snip:

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Big Sports...corrupt as so many of the other Bigs....Big Tech...Big Pharma, Big Entertainment, Big News....etc.

Maria Bartiromo, when she was at CNBC she pushed their view now at Fox, she takes the Fox News Line.



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Maria the "Money Honey" as she is called, used to date the head honcho of Citibank (name escapes me) when she worked at CNBC.  I believe she got in hot water when she was defending banking practices when the banks were in trouble because it was a conflict of interest.


As an aside, I believe her brother also works for Fox.


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